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Lesson1- Mary and Joseph prepare for the birth of the baby.


Mary and Joseph discussed the preparation for the birth of their baby at their own home.  However, the Roman Emperor ordered everyone to return to the place where the father of the family came from. Joseph came from Bethlehem, this meant that Mary and Joseph had to journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem.  They would have joined others who were also walking there.


Watch the link that tells us the Christmas story.




What preparations might Mary and Joseph make at home in Nazareth for the birth of the baby?


Why did the Roman Emperor want everyone to return to the place their family came from?


How would Mary and Joseph have felt when they realised they had to make a long journey?


How could Mary and Joseph lovingly prepare the stable for the baby’s arrival?


How did Mary dress the baby?


How did she know what to call him?

Lesson 2- Jesus comes to us as God's Loving Gift


Remember Isaiah telling the people about God’s promise.


 God was true to the promise he had made. Jesus was born at Bethlehem, God gave us his only Son because he loved us and wanted us to know more about his love and to follow Jesus’ example.


God gave us Jesus as a loving gift to bring light into our lives.

Catholics gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus at Mass on Christmas eve during the night and on Christmas day.

It is a very special time to remember, God gave us Jesus because he loves us.


Below is a star template for you to decorate to remind you that Jesus came as a gift to give us light. This Christmas remember that Jesus brings light to this world.


With your grown up light a candle and thank God for Jesus.