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The Sacrament of Holy Orders - Ordination


This week, we will be looking at the Sacrament of Holy Orders (Ordination).  Do you know what the seven sacraments are? If not, please look at the Power Point below to remind yourself of the seven sacraments.



At the end of his training, if the man is still committed to being a priest and is sure God is calling him to this life and if his bishop accepts him, he will be ordained - that is he receives the sacrament of Holy Orders or Ordination. This sacrament is celebrated during Mass and it is the bishop who ordains. 


Take a look at the Power Point about Ordination and read the information about it.  Then think about and answer the questions below:


* Why do you think the ordinand lies on the floor at the beginning of the Sacrament of Ordination?

* Why do you think the priest is given the paten with the host and the chalice with the wine?

* In what other sacraments is anointing used and why?

* What signs and symbols are used throughout the Sacrament? Why are they chosen?


Your task is then to create a leaflet showing the different stages of Ordination and explain them.