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It is now compulsory for KS2 pupils to learn a modern foreign language (MFL). Spanish is taught in a weekly block by our external Spanish teachers from School Improvement Liverpool. Classteachers are also part of the lessons and are developing their own skills alongside the children. The children enjoy their lessons, which are full of songs, rhymes and memory games and are making good progress in preparation for their transition to secondary MFL.


Click below to see our yearly overview of our Spanish Curriculum for KS2

Year 3 have been learning how to count up to 20 along with greetings, months, colours and classroom instructions.


uno - one

dos - two
tres - three
cuatro - four
cinco - five
seis - six
siete - seven
ocho - eight
nueve - nine
diez - ten


Year 4 can count up to 40, they know the months of the year and they have been describing themselves and animals.


enero - January

febrero - February
marzo - March
abril - April

mayo - May

junio - June

julio - July

agosto - August

septiembre - September

octubre - October

noviembre - November

diciembre - December


Year 5 can count up to at least 60 and can name and describe body parts, family members and clothing.


mi familia - my family

mi madre - my mum

mi padre - my dad

mi hermana - my sister

mi hermano - my brother

mi abuelo - my grandad

mi abuela - my grandma

mis abuelos - my grandparents



Year 6 have been learning numbers up to at least 100 and they can talk about jobs, school routine and their feelings. They can even tell the time! 


¿Qué hora es? - What time is it?

Es la una - It's one o'clock.

Son las dos - It's two o'clock.

Son las tres - It's three o'clock.

Es mediodía - It's midday.

Es medianoche - It's midnight.

We are very pleased with the progress we are making.


Buen trabajo, ninos!

(Good work, kids!)


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