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Physical Activity

We want to join 'Liverpool's School Sports Partnership' this week and challenge you to skip!! Watch both videos below to give you tips on how to start skipping. Upload your videos and pictures to our twitter page @ChrissiesSpeke. We cannot wait to see your skipping skills.


As part of our ongoing learning about subtraction, in today's lesson we are still exploring about finding the difference. Your child will subtract by finding the difference. Yesterday you used blocks, cubes, boxes or pieces of lego to help your child to work out the difference between two amounts. They can find the difference between the two amounts and write a number sentence to show this. Today support your child in completing question 1,2 and 3 on the worksheet. Talk through question 4 with them, using any two groups of the same items at home to help your child find the difference. 

Think about using these questions to help your child: Which is more? How do you know? How many more __than__? 



Picasso (Cubism). Today we are going to be exploring different drawing techniques using pencils. Did you know that drawing pencils can create many effects? Drawing pencils have numbers and H means it’s a hard pencil, but B is soft and they can create different effects. All you need is a HB pencil and a piece of paper. Watch the clip to see how different techniques are used in drawing. For example, hatching is drawing lots of lines next to each other using the same pressure and direction. 

Activity-Get a piece of paper and I want you to divide your page into 6 pieces. In each of the pieces I want you to use your pencil to make different marks. In one you could do the hatching-straight lines, another wavy lines, lines, circular motions until you have a different one in each of your six boxes. If you push onto the pencil the marks will darker, if you push lightly the marks get lighter.

This is cubism-looking at the shapes in the picture, filling space and shading these to make them stand out.