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Physical Activity



WEEKLY SPORTS CHALLENGE –  How many keepy up can you do in 60 seconds? Using a ball or balloon, try and kick, knee or shoulder a ball up into the air without letting it touch the floor! Only count the consecutive keepy ups. Have fun and tweet your pics / videos @ChrissiesSpeke


As part of our ongoing learning about shapes, today we are going to sort 3 D shapes. Can you find different objects around your home and sort them into their shapes.



As part of our ongoing learning about sketching and looking at the artist Picasso, this week we are going to explore creating a collage of a face. You have two activities to do as part of this week's lesson.

Activity 1- We would like you to find some pictures of faces from magazines, catalogues or internet images and cut these out. You can then choose to put different facial features together to create a face. So you may have a picture of one eye from one picture and the other eye from a completely different picture. You can use one half of mouth and then a different half to create a collage of a mouth. Be creative. 

Activity 2 - Choose another picture of a facial feature but cut it in half. Then stick it onto some paper if you can and then we want you to draw the missing half of the feature. For example you could choose a picture of a nose, cut it in half and stick it onto a piece of paper. Then draw the missing part of the nose next to the picture you stuck down. You could do this with a whole face. Send in your pictures. If you do not have any pictures of facial features, then you could cut out shapes from paper or draw them yourself to create the mouth, nose etc.