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WEEKLY SPORTS CHALLENGE –  How many consequtive hoola hoops can you do? Twirl the hula hoop around your waist and count how many spins you can do before it drops to the floor! Extension: Twirl around your foot, your arm or another body part that you can, without hurting yourself! Tweet your pictures to @ChrissiesSpeke



We are continuing to learn about place value of numbers to 20. Today you are going to explore teen numbers in more detail and look at ways which we can make these numbers. Play games with your child by encourgaing them to pick a number between 11 and 20 out of a box/bag/anything. Can they then do the following make that number using objects, draw a picture to show it, write the numeral and with support write the word. For example, a child picks the number 12. Can they find twelve objects, putting ten pieces of lego together in one pile to show the ten and then two pieces to show the total is 12, then draw the 10 pieces with 2 more, then write the numeral 12 and then write the word twelve. 



In our final lesson linked to our topic on Going for Goals, today we are going to revisit the goals children set a couple of weeks ago. Talk with your child about the goal using the attached sheet as a guide.