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Below there is a sound video linked to our sound today and then a spelling video.


Have a watch and join in. 

Reading- Once Upon A Wild Wood


Here is the link for the story. Only watch from 8:25- 11:18


Have a read of this passage.



Can you answer these questions?


1.How was the Beast feeling at the beginning of the party? What words and phrases make you think this?


2.How was the Beast feeling at the end of the party? What words and phrases make you think this?






Read this to your adult. Try and make it interesting for your adult to listen to. Remember about using punctuation. In this passage they use a commas (,) When you see a comma try and pause to add meaning to what you are reading. 


Art: Lowry Sketching.


Lowry was an English Artist. He mainly drew pictures of buildings and people. He used a
variety of techniques. Let’s look at his work. (Powerpoint link below)


  • There are some examples on the Powerpoint for you to look at and discuss. 
  • Look at the skyline image. (The background)
  • Look at the different buildings and features he draws.
  • Look at the shapes of the buildings.


Choose one of Lowry’s artwork. Sketch the skyline like he has done.


You can do this on a piece of paper.  The best thing to use is a pencil but use whatever you have.