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Wake up work

Flashback 4 day 4 - answer the 4 quick questions.

Today's Physical activity


Understanding and matching text phrase meanings and knowledge/learning grid on wolves.



Today's adding and subtracting fractions lesson is a practical activity.  You will need some paper cut into strips.


Lesson 2 - Reading and using animal classification/branching keys

Use the below bbc bitesize video and power point to introduce scientific branching keys which allow us to group and name different animal species from their appearance and characteristics.

Activity - Can you use the below classification keys to name the aliens, animals and mini beasts?

Don't forget to tweet your branching keys to us if you can. You could ask an adult to take a photo of your work and tweet it to year 6 and St.Christophers using - @ChrissiesSpeke  @elsworth_mr  @KatherineCairn2

Story Time