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Wake up work

Flashback 4 day 4 - answer the 4 quick questions

Today's physical activity
WEEKLY SPORTS CHALLENGE –  How many keepy-ups can you do in 60 seconds? Using a ball or balloon, try and kick, knee or shoulder a ball or balloon up into the air without letting it touch the floor! Only count the consecutive keepy-ups. Have fun and tweet your pics / videos @ChrissiesSpeke


End Writing Point - To write a first person description of wolves in the wild.

Today's lesson - Today we will begin to plan and write the opening scene (orientation) to our first person descriptive texts of witnessing wolves in the wild.

Follow the below power point slides to help you plan, generate ideas and see an example of a class opening that describes tracking wolves in the wild.

Wolves in the wild Video

Reading lesson


Today we are reading a different war poem.  I wonder if it will remind you of any work we have done previously this year.  Open the Powerpoint below and work through it.


Subtracting fractions

Today we will be doing more work on subtracting fractions. Please watch the video below and complete the activities.


Lesson 3 - Creating/drawing an animal classification/branching key.

Use the below videos and power point to explaining the making of a scientific branching key which will allow you to group and name different animal species from their appearance and characteristics.

Activity - Can you use the below sets of animal and plant pictures to draw and create your own scientific branching key? You do not need to use all of the pictures but a minimum of 5.

Don't forget to tweet your animal branching key creations to us if you can. You could ask an adult to take a photo of your work and tweet it to year 6 and St.Christophers using - @ChrissiesSpeke  @elsworth_mr  @KatherineCairn2

Creating questions to separate animals on your key

Story Time