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Thursday 21.1.21.

Time/ subject



9.00- 9.30

Basic Skills


Name writing

 Practise writing your name. Try to use lined paper and write from left to write. Link one will help you remember how to form your letters.






 letter g-

Watch have a go at writing g.

Use the letters you have learnt to blend using school Home




Snack time/ learning through play- children select an activity to do with their own toys.

10.45 maths



Can you make a pattern using your favourite toys?

e.g   you may choose to create your pattern using colour, size, type of toy. You may create a pattern using two colours e.g. doll, car, doll, car, doll, car or even 3 red, blue, green, red, blue, green. A example can be seen in Link 2 below





1.00 creative

Can you build a sledge?

Watch about sledging. Use your imagination and anything that you can find around the classroom/ at home to build a sledge( don’t forget to ask a grown up for permission to use the objects you find and to help you to stay safe. Can you build a sledge? Is it safe enough/ strong enough/ waterproof enough to use in the real snow?



Learning through play- children select an activity to do with their own toys.

2.00 PE

Ball/ balloon challenge

Can you place a balloon or ball between your knees and move from one side of the room to another? How may times can you do it in a minute?

Can you throw a ball or balloon into a bucket basket or hoop? Have 10 goes how many did you score? Add you points together. How many did you get?


Steps to read

Reading-Lost and Found.

Read or watch . Lost and Found.

Did the Little Boy make a mistake? 2.What did the little boy do to solve the problem?

Discuss and talk about the meaning of the following words/ phrases:

realised, mistake, lonely, headed, searched, no point, wonderful.

Read words no, to and the , which cannot be sounded out.



1 Read write Inc letter formation

2 pattern