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Physical Activity


Can you balance a shoe (any colour!) on the sole of your foot and make a 360 degree rotations without the shoe falling?

Watch the demonstration below and have a go.


Physical Challenges! - The Shoe


English Lesson 9


This year, for world book day, instead of dressing up as a character of a book, we are asking you to choose your favourite book and to represent it in a creative way.

You could draw a picture, create a prop or create some food from a book.

If you are learning at home, please send us a photo of your work, either on twitter or through class dojo.


Activity- Share a story corner

Watch a selection of delightful video books, from classic fairy tales to funny rhymes and enjoy the fun downloadable activities available for every story.


Activity - Step Inside your story

You could make your very own concertina book to hold your very own story. Just one rule - be as imaginative as you possibly can be!  


Character - Imagine this is you. Draw a sketch of yourself and add notes about what you look like, what makes you laugh, what are your likes and dislikes? 

Your characters spark - What makes you who you are?  - something you like to do, a special talent, a dream or a wish.

Your characters world - Think about your favourite place - what can you see / hear/ touch there? What does it feel like to be there?


Now you're ready to start your story - perhaps you could use some of these story prompts to help you build your story. 


*My name is..... My favourite words are...

*I look a bit like...

*The thing that makes me laugh is..

* One day I journeyed to.... it was..... it sounded like.... it looked like.... it smelled like....

*There I met...

*Together we decided to....


You could add some final touches such as a catchy title, a colourful front cover or some illustrations. Don't forget to share your wonderful stories with your friends and class teacher.