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Lesson 1 - Physical Activity

WEEKLY SPORTS CHALLENGE –  STEP UP! Using your bottom stair only, how many steps can you do in 30 seconds? Watch Dame Kelly Holmes' demonstration below and tweet your results @ChrissiesSpeke

Lesson 2-Maths
Lesson 3-English

English Lesson 2

Lesson 4-Reading 

Reading Lesson

Lesson 5-R.E


Eucharist, (Thanksgiving) because it is an action of thanksgiving to God


Read the story 'What a day!' and discuss the following questions.


Q What do you think of Ethan’s behaviour at breakfast?

Q What do you think made Ethan realise that the way he had behaved at breakfast was silly?

Q How did Ethan feel?

Q How did Ethan show he wanted to give and not just receive?

Q What do you think about giving and receiving?

Q What has been your experience of giving and receiving?


Interview your parent about giving and receiving in the family, why they give and what they receive. Think about what surprises you. Write a letter to your parent and thank them for all you have received from them. Write about what you can give back to them.

(If you would like to share your letters, please upload them into your portfolio via class dojo).