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Lesson 1 - Physical Activity

WEEKLY SPORTS CHALLENGE –  The shoe! Can you balance a shoe (any colour!) on the sole of your foot and make a 360 degree rotations without the shoe falling? Watch the demonstration below and have a go.

Physical Challenges! - #1 (the shoe) - P.E. at home/school activity

Lesson 2 - Maths
Lesson 3-English
Lesson 4 RE

The Eucharist challenges and enables living and growing in communion.


The start of the Eucharist (Mass) has an introduction to prepare people for what is about to happen. Normally, the Sunday Eucharist will begin with a hymn, which may include something about the theme of that Mass or about people gathering. As this is sung, the priest and the servers walk in procession through the church towards the altar. The priest kisses the altar first because it is a symbol of Christ. It is with Christ and through the power of the Holy Spirit that the Church offers the Eucharist to God, the Father. The priest represents Christ and everyone at the Eucharist has their own part to take in the celebration. When the hymn is finished, the priest faces the people and makes the Sign of the Cross. The Eucharist has begun, the people gather in the name of the Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit in a similar way to the way we gather for Collective Worship.


Some questions to think about and answer:

Q Why do you think it is necessary to have an introduction at the beginning of the Eucharist?

Q What is carried in procession at the start of the Eucharist and why do you think these symbols are used?

Q Why does the priest kiss the altar?

Q Who does the priest represent?

Q What does the Sign of the Cross signify at the start of the Eucharist?



Write an account of what happens at the gathering of the Eucharist. 

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