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Wake-Up work

Physical Activity

WEEKLY SPORTS CHALLENGE –  STEP UP! Using your bottom stair only, how many steps can you do in 30 seconds? Watch Dame Kelly Holmes' demonstration - Tweet your results @ChrissiesSpeke 

Read, Write, Inc.

We are comparing the 3 sounds we have looked at this week. Complete the tasks on the sheet and upload to class dojo.

Reading: Grandpa's Garden

This week, we are reading the text 'Grandpa's Garden' by Stella Fry.

Complete the tasks below and upload to class dojo.

1. What do the words mean? (vocabulary)

2. Can you read it? (Fluency)

3. Read the text and answer the questions. (apply)

Maths - Make equal groups - grouping

Art - 

Theme – Flowers and plants / Artist – Georgia O’Keeffe)


Follow power point below - Introduce yourself to the artist ‘Georgia O’Keeffe’ and share what you know about her life. Use next slide to look at what we know about her work and her theme of work ‘Flowers and plants’

Activity 1 –Write  the artists name on to a piece of paper along with any notes about her early life.  (use power point slide for support)

Use the power point to look at some of her work and consider some of these questions  – what do you like?, what colours have been used? What shapes and patterns have been used?


Activity 2 – With a title on your paper of 'Artist's work' make any initial comments about her work so far – eg. Bright colours used, paintings are large, she zooms in, can’t tell what the object is.

Activity 3 - Follow power point to look at the main primary colours – red, yellow blue – primary colours cannot be made by using other colours. Can you use coloured pencil crayons on your paper to show the colours and label them?

Activity 4 - Follow power point to look at secondary colours – green, orange, purple - made by mixing two primary colours together. Can you use coloured pencil crayons on your paper to show the colours and label them?

Activity 5 - Stick small diagram (see below) of primary and secondary colours on to your paper. 











Georgia O'Keeffe Power point

Primary and secondary colour chart