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Physical Activity

WEEKLY SPORTS CHALLENGE –  STEP UP! Using your bottom stair only, how many steps can you do in 30 seconds? 

Watch Dame Kelly Holmes' demonstration - 

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We are going to explore adding ones using number bonds activity. Support your child with answering questions 1-4 today. You can do the questions using items in your house. They will complete question 5 and 6 in Friday's lesson.


In the lesson today they are using their knowledge about tens and ones but they are learning to count by adding ones. For example, 13 + 2= ? 13 or thirteen is one ten and three ones. 2 or two is two ones so we can add the ones together. 13 + 2 = 15. Use the teaching slide to support your child's understanding and remember you can use any objects to help. We have attached a part part whole model for you to look at if you want to draw any for your child when supporting them with question 2 on the worksheet. 

Add ones using number bonds