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Wake up work

Flashback 4 day 4 - answer the 4 quick questions

Today's physical activity

WEEKLY SPORTS CHALLENGE – STEP UP! Using your bottom stair only, how many steps can you do in 30 seconds? Watch Dame Kelly Holmes' demonastration

English - Discovery Narrative Description

This week we will be reading and learning about a Voyage of scientific discovery across the world using books and narrative recounts of these explorers and their findings. Next week we will be using this week's reading and understanding to write a third person narrative, describing the scientific discovery of a new creature species from this journey!

Lesson Focus - To identify the layout and word features of a discovery narrative text.

Using the below power point slides, table sheet or a piece of paper to understand, locate and highlight examples in Darwin's Brazil discovery text. Can you find other examples and add them to the table?

Some examples have been done for you.

Reading lesson
Today we are following on from yesterday and using what we learnt to solve simple one-step equations.  Watch the video below and then complete the questions from the sheet.  Remember you don't need to print the sheet out, you can just write your answers onto a piece of paper and upload a photograph of them onto out class Dojo account.  Do questions 1, 2,3 and 4 first.  If you find these tricky, stop after question 4.  If you find these questions ok, challenge yourself and complete the questions on the rest of the sheet.

Science - Material Properties and Changes

For the next couple of weeks we will be dipping into the world of materials as a catch up science topic that was missed during last year's lock down during year 5. Some of the practical activities of separating and mixing might be tricky to look at at home but most resources can hopefully be found in or around the house such as stones, a sieve, sugar to flour. Try your best at home and do what you can as there will also be videos, sheets and power point slides added onto our class pages that can be used if some of the practical activities are tricky to complete.

Lesson Focus - Comparing and grouping materials from their properties.

Using your current knowledge, the below videos and sheet (or this could be done on a piece of paper) we will be thinking about the property characteristics of the below items through grouping and comparing their: hardness, flexibility, transparency, absorbency and magnetic properties.

Items being compared - wood (a stick or spoon), a stone, kitchen towel, plastic tub, tin foil, a sponge, a glass, a metal knife (steel). *Different materials and objects could be compared and changed/added onto the sheet*

Materials Types Intro Video

This video sorts and groups materials based on their observable properties.

Properties of Materials Video

In this video we talk about opposite words we can use to describe materials.

Story Time