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Wake-Up work 

Physical Activity

WEEKLY SPORTS CHALLENGE –  The shoe! Can you balance a shoe (any colour!) on the sole of your foot and make a 360 degree rotations without the shoe falling? Watch the demonstration below and have a go.

Read, Write, Inc.

Today we are comparing the sounds from this week. Look at the powerpoint and upload your work to class dojo.


Reading: Poetry

Maths- Divide by 10


Theme - Flowers and Plants / Artist - Georgia O'Keeffe

Remind yourself of previous lesson.

Who was the artist we were looking at?

What did she paint? 

What did you like about her work?

What can you tell an adult about Primary colours?

What can you tell an adult about Secondary colours? 


Activities - 

Using coloured paint have a go at creating some secondary colours - perhaps you could try mixing your favourite primary colours - what colour do you end up with? 

Using coloured pencils show what primary colours are used to make secondary colours.

Watch the video below to show how this can be done.



World Book day

World book day is a  is a celebration of reading, authors, illustrators and books. It’s designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and marked in over 100 countries all over the world. Today, 4th March 2021 marks this years world book day. Due to lockdown it means that we will be doing things a little differently this year but you can still take part in lots of reading themed activities.  The website below will provide with you lots of information and resources.


Activity- Share a story corner

Watch a selection of delightful video books, from classic fairy tales to funny rhymes and enjoy the fun downloadable activities available for every story. 


Activity - Step Inside your story

You could make your very own concertina book to hold your very own story. Just one rule - be as imaginative as you possibly can be!  


Character - Imagine this is you. Draw a sketch of yourself and add notes about what you look like, what makes you laugh, what are your likes and dislikes? 

Your characters spark - What makes you who you are?  - something you like to do, a special talent, a dream or a wish.

Your characters world - Think about your favourite place - what can you see / hear/ touch there? What does it feel like to be there?


Now you're ready to start your story - perhaps you could use some of these story prompts to help you build your story. 


*My name is..... My favourite words are...

*I look a bit like...

*The thing that makes me laugh is..

* One day I journeyed to.... it was..... it sounded like.... it looked like.... it smelled like....

*There I met...

*Together we decided to....


You could add some final touches such as a catchy title, a colourful front cover or some illustrations. Don't forget to share your wonderful stories with your friends and class teacher.