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Science- living things and habitats


We know that a habitat is a home. This place is the best suitable environment for an animal to live in. 


Look at the different habitats in the presentation. Try to think of which animal is best suited and why.




A fish lives in the sea because it swims. A fish is cold blooded. 



Geography- Lesson 1.


Can you draw a simple map?


Draw a simple map of your house. Think of where things are positioned.  Add detail on if you can.

See if you can add simple symbols to represent things.




mail= front door

WC= toilet



Geography- Lesson 2.Coastal Area- Physical features


If we know that human features are things built by people what do we think physical features might be?  


Here are the key vocabulary we will need for physical features:


Coast- The edge of the land and sea.

Beach: A beach is a type of land along the coast of an ocean or sea. It has lots of sand.

River: A river is a flowing stream of water. 

Sea: A sea is a large area of salt water.

Ocean:  An ocean is a huge area of salty water. 

Cliff: A cliff is a type of land that is often tall, steep and rocky. 

Vegetation: Vegetation refers to plant life. It can include plants, flowers, trees, bushes and hedges.  


Use the bitesize link below to look at physical features in the lake district.


Our coastal focus near us is Crosby. Have you ever been? 

See if you can find some pictures to match each place. Stick them on a piece of paper with a title and a description. We would love to see it when you return to school.