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This week our theme in school is 'Hopes and Dreams'


On this page you will find various activities that you can do at home that link to the current theme. With support from an adult, it would be brilliant if you were able to share any of your completed work via our twitter page @ChrissiesSpeke.


What do the words 'hopes and dreams' mean to you?

As we start the New  you might be thinking of what you want to achieve this year. We can call these types of  hopes and dreams 'New Year Resolutions'.


Enjoy watching this story of squirrel, Bear, Dr Owl, mole, turtle and porcupine who are all ready to make resolutions while squirrel is struggling to think of his own.



What hopes and dreams do you have for the year ahead? Can you write a list of them?

Activity 2

What Hopes and Dreams and dreams do you have? Have you ever had a dream when you go to sleep? What have you dreamt about? 


Dreams are what a person sees and hears in their mind when they are sleeping. They are often similar to real life in some ways, but can also be very strange. Dreams can seem so real while they happen that the person might think that they are awake when actually they are asleep.


What is a Dream catcher? - They were created many, many years ago in North America  but are still used today. People hang them in their bedrooms at night time. Overnight, the dream catcher’s filter out the bad dreams, only letting good thoughts through, and when the sun rises all the bad dreams disappear.


Can you make a dream catcher? You will need: a paper plate, scissors, feathers, beads and string/wool. 

1. Fold the paper plate in half and cut the middle of it out.

2. Make some holes around the rim of the plate.

3. Add some string from the holes. Thread some through the middle and leave some to dangle from the bottom. (see picture for guidance) 

4. Decorate the end of the strings with feathers/ beads. 

5. Hang your dream catcher by your bed.


Here is a story linked with dreams.

Activity 3. 

Think about the difficult time we are having – Covid.


How is it affecting people on a daily basis?

Eg – Not seeing friends/family, shops closed, strict cleaning regimes, schools closed, hospitals busy.

Encourage positive talk of the vaccine.


Think about hopes and dreams for when things return to ‘normal’. What would your ‘hopes’ and ‘dreams’ be for others – friends/family, our community, and schools? Eg – to hug one another, to visit Grandparents, for shops to open, the library to open, for teachers to teach again.


Complete the sheet below to show your 'hopes and dreams' for others this year.