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This week our theme in school is 'hopes and dreams'. You will find activities that you can do at home below.


Activity 1: Have a look at this photo a child has made of a dream catcher. She has put all the positive hopes and dreams on the outside of the dream catcher and has put all the negative things on the inside. Have a go at making your own. If you have craft materials like feathers and pipe cleaners at home, you could make a 3D dream catcher like the one in the photo. If not, you could draw or paint one. Remember, put your bad dreams on the inside so the dream catcher can stop them.

Activity 2: The teachers at St Christopher's already think you are superheroes! Complete this activity, showing what you would look like as a super hero. If you can't print the sheet, you could just draw it on a piece of paper. What would your super power be, I wonder?

Activity 3: Print off and colour in the bookmark. If you can't print it off, why not create your own bookmark by creating a rectangle and drawing a picture of you on one side. Then write why you like to read on the other side.  
Activity 4: Think about a fond memory that you had during 2020. Was it your birthday, playing with your friends, seeing your family or getting a new pet. Draw a picture of you celebrating your fond memory and write about it. We have attached a sheet but you can just use any paper you want. You could paint it or colour it in. Then think about your hopes for this year and draw a picture about these. You can also write about your hopes and dreams for 2021.