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Rocks and Soils 


Hello fossil hunters! This week we begin our Super Scientist topic all about Rocks and Soils. You will see at the bottom of this page some facts and information all about the subject and a cut and stick information sheet to print (don't worry if you don't have a printer, you can write this out on a sheet of paper) and a fact mat to complete about the different types of rocks that can be found. 


Before you start, it might be helpful to discuss the different types of rocks that you can find. for example pebbles on a beach - have you ever found any unusual looking pebbles or rocks? What made them stand out? Some pebbles contain fossilised parts of animals and plants from thousands of years ago. These are very special finds and don't worry if you haven't seen one before - we will have lots to look at back in school. We have added a link to the Natural History Website to inspire you on this fascinating subject.