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This week in Topic we have been learning all about The Environment and in particular, why plastic waste can be harmful to ocean environments. 


Earlier this week we created information sheets all about how plastic can negatively affect animals in our seas and oceans. We also spent time making notes about how to reduce the harmful effect of plastic in our oceans by reducing what we use, reusing what we have and recycling any other plastic we use. 


We linked our ideas to the story of Duffy the Sea Turtle, which we have read during English lessons. The story tells the tale of a sea turtle called Duffy who accidentally eats a plastic bag, is rescued and treated by vets and then eventually released back into the wild after a short stay in an aquarium. Our class loved this story!


We would like you to create a persuasive poster about reducing plastic using some of the elements of persuasive writing. See the link to AFOREST below which shows you the elements of good persuasive features. We have also included some examples of posters on a similar theme within a powerpoint presentation for inspiration! Have fun!