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Social and emotional aspects of learning ( SEAL ) is a comprehensive, whole-school approach to promoting the social and emotional skills that underpin effective learning, positive behaviour and emotional health.


Our topic for this half term is 'Getting on and falling out.'


This week we are  talking about what it is to be a good friend.


What qualities would a good friend have? Why would someone want to be our friend?


Ideas could include, being kind and caring, being fun to talk to, as well as being a good listener, having the same interests in games or activities, being able to make someone laugh, or make them happy. 


Read or share a story about friendship. 


You could write a card to a friend or a family member. Think about what a friend means to you in the card and write how you are happy to be their friend. Don't forget to write who your card is to and put your name at the end of the card. 



A friend is....

Thank you for being my friend. 



Enjoy talking about what a friend is and how important it is to be a good friend. 


This week we are talking to the children about how to use technology safely and respectfully.

We are talking about how we should keep personal information private and how if there is something on the internet that that makes us sad, or bothers us somehow, then we should tell a grown up and ask for help.


Ask your child if they can talk about different types of technology.

Eg – mobile phone, computer, laptop, tablet, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation, television.


Does your child play games online? Have they used the internet?

What are your child’s favourite websites and why do they like them?

Does your child watch television online?


Read ‘Digiduck’s Big Decision’

Talk about the issues in the story.  How were the characters feeling throughout the story?

What can you do if you are worried by something you see or hear on the internet?

Digiduck story