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In today's lesson we are going to revisit our learning from yesterday when comparing statements. Remember to support your child in using language such as ‘greater than’, ‘less than’, and ‘equal to’ when comparing the difference between between two number statements. Children may use real items to help them work out each number statement. Your child can write down the number statements from the sheet or talk to you about these. 

Help your child by using any items to support the following questions-What do we mean by the word ‘greater than’?
What do we mean by the term ‘less than’?
__ + __ is greater than, less than or equal to _+ __ (eg 3+4 is greater than 1+2, written as 3+4 > 1+2 because 3+4=7 while 1+2=3 so the first statement is greater than the second) 
Which is greater, __ + __ or _+__ ?
What method did you use? (use real items in your home to help your child work out the addition number sentence first to then help them to compare the amounts. Use any real objects to help your child with the adding the two different amounts, talk about the difference between the two amounts. Are they the same? Is one statement less than or greater than the other?