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Below there is a sound video linked to our sound today and then a spelling video. 


Have a watch and join in.

Reading- The Glassmaker's Daughter


 Here is the link for the story. Watch from 1:32-3:32


Can you find out the meaning of these words?




Can you read this passage and answer these questions?






Point to words being read and pay attention to punctuation when reading. How should we read HUGE because it is in capitals?


What does this do for the listener?




RE- Books- Reveal- The books used in Church on Sunday by the parish family


The Bible is God’s special book. It is all about how much God loves and cares for people. The Bible is the most important book that Christians use, because it is God’s Word, so it is always treated with reverence. Like all special books we take care of it, make sure our hands are clean before we use it and keep it in a safe place.



There are two main sections in the Bible. The Old Testament tells us about the time before Jesus. The New Testament tells us about Jesus and the beginning of the Church. Some of the books are called by the name of the person thought to have written them: Mark, Jeremiah, Peter. Some are named after the person the story is about: Job, Ruth, Jonah. One is called after an event: Exodus. Others tell you about the content of the book: Genesis (Beginnings), Psalms, Proverbs, Letters. The Bible is like a library of different books just like we saw a variety of different books that we have at home and in school.


Q What is the Bible and why is it such an important book?

Q Why do you think we should show reverence for the Bible?

Q What does the first part of the Bible tell us?

Q What is the second part of the Bible about?


Activities to choose:

 Design a front cover for the Bible that shows it is a special book. On the back cover write a summary of what you would find inside.

 Create a bookmark for a Bible including the title of your favourite story from the Bible.