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Warm-up work: Maths Flashback


Today's physical activity is Mindfulness and Yoga


Today, our '100 things' activity is to dance to your favourite song for 100 seconds!



Read Write Inc.


Below there is a sound video linked to our sound today and then a spelling video. 


Have a watch and join in.


This week, we are working on our comprehension skills. Read the text on Samuel Pepys and answer the answers. If you don't know the answer, go back and re-read.

Maths - Make doubles

R.E.-Go Forth

Let's think about our topic of Books.

Think about those books that are important to you, the need for books and how The Bible is the Word of God.

Remember how the Bible is a special book and there are four Gospels. There is a variety of books used in the Mass. We respond in Mass. The Gospel is treated with reverence in Mass. The story of Jesus' baptism.

Using this new knowledge, we will Go Forth. Use the template of a bookmark to apply your new understanding and remind yourself of the importance of books.