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Lesson 1: PE

Lesson 2 English

Using a copy of Zone of Relevance and the list of adjectives (see resources below).

Place each of the adjectives on the zone according to its relevance to describing Magpie in the story 'Fox'.

If a word is highly relevant, place in the middle of the zone.

If it is completely irrelevant, it is placed outside the zone completely.

Then do the same for Fox. 


Take a photograph once you have finished each character you will need to use the adjectives for the lesson tomorrow.


For the next two days we are doing the opposite to multiplying, we are dividing. Today we are dividing by 10.

Lesson 4 - Science


Types of Skeletons


What do you think of when you think of the word skeleton? Jot a few ideas down.

Go through the powerpoint and read the definitions of a vertebrate/invertebrate - can you explain what each one is to an adult? Make sure you understand by watching the BBC Bitesize video clip! Go through the powerpoint guessing which animals are vertebrates or invertebrates- did you get them all right?

Read descriptions of endoskeletons, exoskeletons and a hydrostatic skeleton. Can you think of an animal for each? Research online to see if you were correct!


Activity 1- print out the activity sheets. Sort the different skeletons into their correct types.


Activity 2 -Which type of skeleton do you think is the best type? Why? What are the pros and cons of each? Wrie down your thoughts, giving reasons and discussing them with an adult if you can.



Can you draw a human being with an exoskeleton?!

Powerpoint - Types of Skeletons