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Lesson 1-P.E

Kids Yoga and Mindfulness to deal with BULLIES! 🤨

Knowing how to deal with bullies means you can stop worrying about them and get on with the more important stuff in life. Like learning cool things and havin...

Lesson 2-English
Lesson 3-Maths
Lesson 4-Reading


Naming Bones


Use Activity Sheet 1 to draw where you think we have bones in our body. Can you label any? Check your answers on the powerpoint. Which ones confused you? Why do you think that is?

Using the labelled diagram on the powerpoint and Activity Sheet 2, cut and stick the pieces of the skeleton to piece it together and label it correctly with the names of the bones. If you do not have scissors or glue, write the names of the bones on the Sheet using Activity Sheet 3.

Work through the powerpoint - do all animals have the same types of bones? Do the bones look alike?

Research your favourite animal's skeleton and draw and label their bones.


End with The Skeleton Dance Song!


Have fun :)