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Read, Write, Inc.


Below there is a sound video linked to our sound today and then a spelling video. 


Have a watch and join in. 

Reading- Once Upon A Wild Wood


Here is the link for the story: Watch from 2:50- 6:06



Can you find out the meaning of these words?


Can you answer these questions?


1.How can you use suffixes to describe the items in the story of The Three Bears?





2.What would Little Red say to Little Green?






Try and read this extract using different voices for each character. Think of how the smallest bear would talk compared to a harp. How could they be different? When the words are in italic try and make these words stand out as these words are important to add stress to the reading. (It makes them stand out)



Maths- Watch from 9 minutes to the end

RE- Books- Explore


This term we are looking at 'Books' for our RE theme. 


Explore, discuss and investigate the many books which you use at home (and at school) and how and where each one might be used. Share together favourite books, why they are favourites and notice how you could choose the same and different types of books.


You might like to read and discuss a book together that you have at home.

Some questions to ask and talk about:

Q What types of books do you have at home?

Q What uses do books have? (e.g. a timetable, telephone directory, text books, photo albums etc.)

Q What books do you like and why?

Q What would a world without books be like?





Have you read any of these books? Which ones would you like to read?



Activities to choose:

 Design a book cover for your favourite book or the book that you have been reading.

 Make a bookmark to keep your place.

 Make a list the characters in your book and draw pictures of them.

 Make a poster to advertise your book.

 Write a blurb for your book to encourage someone to read it.

 Draw a picture or write about your favourite part.

 Make up 5 questions about your book to ask someone who has read it.

 Draw a cartoon strip / story board of the main events in the story.


At the end of your exploring about BOOKS, think and wonder about:

- all the different books you use in school and at home

- the people who use them

- how important books are

- a world without books.