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Good morning year 6. smiley
Wake up work

Flashback 4 day 2 - answer the 4 quick questions

Today's physical activity

Pokemon | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure


End Writing Point - To write a first person description of wolves in the wild.

Today's lesson - Reading of our example text below of someone watching and describing seeing wolves in the wild. Then we will answer comprehension questions and sentence meanings of this first person narrative text.

Reading activity


We are looking at 'The Blackout' poem again today.  Please work through the Power Point below.


Adding fractions

Today we will be doing more work on adding fractions. Watch the video below and complete the questions on the sheet when it asks you to. You don't need to print the sheet out, you can writ your answers onto a piece of paper if that is easier.



Open the Powerpoint below and work through it.  For today's task, you will need some paper and some coloured pencils or felt tips if you have them.


It's Lesson 3 in our music unit today. Work through the PowerPoint and send us a short video of your musical motif on Class dojo. 

Music - Lesson 3

Story Time