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Tuesday  19.1.21.

Time/ subject



9.00- 9.30

Basic Skills

fine motor activities

 Fine motor activities. These could include playdough, cutting threading, jigsaws or picking up pieces of dried pasta or rice using tweezers






 letter n-

Watch have a go at writing n.

use the letters you have learnt to blend using school Home




Snack time/ learning through play- children select an activity to do with their own toys.

10.45 maths


Can I say how many is missing?

Can you count to 20 and then back to 0? This game needs at least 2 people. (An adult and a child would be great.) Draw a snowman (The adult can do this for you if you want!) and place or draw up to 5 buttons on his body. Count the objects together to check how many there are. Then while one person isn’t looking cover some of the buttons. How many are missing? Take turns doing this you could even try using up to 10 buttons.




Yoga- you could do a little bit of




1.00 music


Listen to

 “Is it hot or cold in this song? What animal names can you hear? What is blowing?”  Talk about the UK seasons and their associated weather patterns and think about: • Cold/short days (Winter) – getting warmer/days getting longer (Spring) – hot/long days (Summer) – getting colder/days getting shorter (Autumn) •

Act out and vocalise the type of sounds we make in the different seasons e.g.: “I’m so cold” as you shiver and hug yourself to keep warm



Learning through play- children select an activity to do with their own toys.

2.00 P4C

Discuss the positive/ good and negative /bad to answers

If I was an animal I would be a ……..

e.g. a tiger. Positive I am fierce, I have big teeth and I don’t have many predators.

Negative- people are afraid of me, I wouldn’t be able to sleep in my own bed or eat ice cream!


If I did not have to do something ever again it would be……?

e.g. tidy my room. I could play with all my toys for longer. I could spend the time doing fun things that I want to do but I might fall over things and get hurt. My room might get smelly and full of germs.