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Cosmic yoga - Disco.

Lesson 5 history 


What were the real reasons why the Anglo Saxons invaded? 


People leave countries for different reasons. These are usually PUSH or PULL related reasons. A push might be that there are is not enough food in their own country = they move. A pull reason might be that they can farm the land in a new country = they move. Read the powerpoint with support and decide what the reasons might be for Anglo Saxons moving to Britain. 


Task: Organise the reasons cards under the headings (unlikely/likely/definitely not a reason/I don't know I need to research this) Take a photo of your reasons - these can be written onto paper - you don't need to print it off and add it to Class Dojo to share your ideas! 





Lesson 6 


How effective was Anglo Saxon punishment? 


Read Edgar's story and watch the video. Can you act out one or two Anglo Saxon punishments? Can someone guess without you telling them what the punishment was? What it was for?


Do you think Anglo Saxon punishments were fair? Why not? Write in sentences to explain why you think the punishments were fair/not fair.  



HORRIBLE HISTORIES - Anglo Saxon Ordeals

GREAT NEWS! A brand new series of Horrible Histories starts on CBBC on 31st May 2010!! In the meantime... HORRIBLE HISTORIES strikes again: If you think too ...

Lesson 7 - history 


Just how great was Alfred the Great? 


Organise the clue cards onto the poster to show how you feel about Alfred the Great. Was he really that great? Use the powerpoint and the BBC link in the PPT to support your choices. Write the clues onto a piece of paper if you cannot print them - this is fine too. 



Lesson 8 history 


How did people's lives change when Christianity came to England? 


TASK: Produce a guide to a famous Christian building using the powerpoint to support your ideas. Draw a famous Christian building from these times (Lindisfarne or Canterbury Catherdral) and write some facts to describe when the building was built and what it was built for.