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Wake-Up work

Physical Activity
Cosmic yoga - Disco.



Read Write Inc.

Below there is a sound video linked to our sound today and then a spelling video.

Have a watch and join in.


English - Reading: Grandpa's Garden

Complete the tasks and upload to class dojo page.

1. What do the words mean?

2. Can you read this part?

3. Read the text then answer the questions.


Maths: Make equal groups - sharing

R.E - 

Thanksgiving topic – Being thanked and thanking others (lesson 1)

Talk to an adult about your own personal experiences of being thanked and thanking others – this could be at home or in school. Eg – when you hold a door open for someone, helping set the tea table, someone passes you a pencil, when you are given a birthday gift. Read  the story of Mrs Hegarty and her retirement (below)

Share and discuss some of these questions- 

Why was Mrs. Hegarty thanked?

How did different people say thank you to her?

How do you think Mrs. Hegarty felt?

Which way would you choose to say thank you?

Activity - 

Complete the chart below of how you can show ‘thanks’ at home, in school and in the community. What, how and why?

Chart of thanks to complete


Thanksgiving topic – being thanked and thanking others (lesson 2)

 Think about the things you would most like to give thanks for – this might be something at home, in school or in their community – it might be an object or a person.


Listen and sing along to the song below song- share the words with someone at home

Can you discuss with an adult the importance of singing and praising to God?

On a piece of paper write something that you would like to Thank God for.

'I would like to thank God for.....'