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Physical Activity

Cosmic yoga - Disco.


Recap prior learning by adding up to 10. For example, 6 + 4 = 10, 4 + 6=10, 10=6+4, 10=4+6. The lesson today will use pictures to help children count by adding on. Children are beginning to understand that addition is commutative, this means that they start with the larger number in order to add on efficiently. It is important that children see that they are not just adding two separate numbers or items, they are adding to what they already have. For example, first there were 6 sweets, then 2 more were added. Encourage your child to add on from 6 and realise that now there are 8 sweets. 6+2=8. Ensure that children do not include their start number when counting on.


There is no worksheet with this lesson so support your child by giving them different examples using the following language:

First there were ? apples/sweets/oranges etc. Then ? were added. Now there are ? apples. Then write the number sentence to go with this.


Add by counting on activity teaching slide.