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Good morning year 6 smiley
Wake up work

Flashback 4 day 2 - answer the 4 quick questions

Today's physical activity

Cosmic yoga -  Tiny the T-REX


End Writing Point - To write a third person discovery narrative describing Darwin's visit to the Galapagos Islands.

Today's lesson - Today we will begin to plan and write the opening paragraph of arriving at the islands after a long journey at sea.

Follow the below power point slides to help you plan, generate ideas and see an example of a class opening that describes Darwin's arrival. You could change the underlined words in your writing.



Today we will be building on what we learnt yesterday and learning more about finding pairs of values.  Watch the video below and then complete questions 1,2 and 3 on the sheet first.  If you are finding these tricky, stop after question 3.  If you want to challenge yourself, then complete the rest of the questions on the sheet.

Today we will be carrying on with the work we started last week on It's good to be me.  Work throught eh Powerpoint below.
Our music this half term will be about rhythm.  We will be following the Oak National Academy lessons.  Each week, there will be a video for you to watch and an activity to complete. In this lesson, you will learn about syncopation. You will learn a new song and perform syncopated rhythms. The lesson finishes with a quiz to test your knowledge

Music warm up activity - The Greatest Show Body Percussion

Story Time