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Basic skills


Yesterday, you were introduced to enlarging shapes using scale factors.  Use what you learnt yesterday to help you calculate scale factors today.  Watch the video below and then have a go at questions 1-4 on the sheet.  If you fancy a challenge, try questions 5-8.  If you can't print the sheet, just write your answers onto a piece of paper.  Don't forget to send me your completed work on Dojos.


In school, you would have been having your weekly yoga lesson today, so here is a Yoga video for you to do at home, enjoy.

Reading lesson

Below is a Power point for your whole class reading lesson. Work through the Power point and complete the task at the end.  You can either add a slide to the end of the Power point for your task or do it on Microsoft Word, or paper.  Don't forget to send it to me on Dojo.