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Lesson 1- Reading

Lesson 2-English

Yesterday we planned our refugee story. Today we will be using the success criteria on slide 83 to help us write the first part of our story. 


Task-Write your introduction and build-up 


Third person refugee story based on the illustrations from, 'The Journey' 

Lesson 3-Maths


ELECTRICITY - For your last science lesson you will be exploring with conductors and insulators. We will have the equipment set up in school for you next Tuesday to carry out this investigation. To prepare for this, you could find out what electric 'conductors' and 'insulators' are.


As with all of our Science units we always find out information about a scientist linked to our unit. As this unit has been Electricity - I have prepared a powerpoint and fact sheet based on Thomas Edison. Please create a fact sheet about Edison. If you want to focus on a different scientist linked to this topic, this is also fine. You can share your fact sheets on class dojo.