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Physical Activity

Game Workouts - follow the instructions to complete the games, whilst having a workout. Could you design your own imaginative game like these? What would your movements be?


As part of our ongoing learning about subtraction, in today's and tomorrow's lesson we are exploring about finding the difference. Your child will subtract by finding the difference. Use any blocks or pieces of lego to help your child to work out the difference between two amounts. For example, ask them to build two lots of towers reflecting two different amounts. They can then find the difference between the two amounts. You can use the worksheet to support your child in finding the difference.  



We want you to look at the weather chart which you completed. What can you notice? What was the weather like on different days? Did you notice any differences or similarities from the weather observed in the morning to that observed in the afternoon? Share your findings with us on class dojo or on Twitter.

Today we are going to explore how day length varies and we want you to look at the night and day power point. Then we have attached a worksheet which you can talk about with your parents. You do not need to print this off. Think about how the length of sunlight changes across the seasons. We are also going to finish our lesson today as we make a rain gauge which we will leave outside to measure any rainfall collected over the week. Make sure you ask an adult to help you make your own rain gauge at home and capture any rainfall like us. As part of our ongoing work about seasonal changes we will record the measurement from our rain gauge at school.  You may remember that we make a rain gauge back in Autumn so we are now doing the same experiment in Winter.