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Physical Activity



Go for a power walk. On your journey, can you spot: 1 sign, 2 animals/minibeasts, 3 trees, 4 flowers? 


In today's lesson we are going to explore 3 D shapes. Look at question 1 and 2a on the worksheet and see if you can tell an adult which shapes match with the word. At home can you find different containers which match any of the shapes and have a go at making your own train following the instructions on question 2b and 2c on the worksheet. Send us your pictures of the 3 D objects you make. Using the display sheet attached,  can you find other  items to match the 3 D shapes in your home? 



This is lesson 3 in Science and today we are continuing with our learning about weather linked to the seasons. I hope that you enjoyed making your rain gauge last week and left it outside all week ready to look at today. Send in the recording of how much rainfall you measured in your rain gauge. In school, we will measure the rainfall gathered in our gauge and add it to our findings on the discovery dog.

Today, we want you to present your own weather forecast for Speke to a member of your family. Think about everything which we have learnt over the last few weeks. We talked about the changes in weather from morning to afternoon, thinking about how day length varies and how weather changes across the four seasons- Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. What would you ask your listeners to wear in Summer compared to winter? There is a sheet attached to help you think about what you might include in your weather forecast.