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Go for a power walk. On your journey, can you spot: 5 sounds, 6 materials, 7 colours, 8 shapes?


We are starting a new block in maths this week as we count forwards and backwards to 20. Use the teaching slide below and help your child to count on from 10. Your child has been using ten frames at school and this is a rectangle with 10 boxes, 5 on the top and 5 underneath. You will see these being used in the teaching slide. Your child could draw two sets of ten frames and use these to help them. They can also use a number track to count forwards and backwards. You can make it fun by having a missing number on the track.




As part of our current learning about seasonal changes we are looking more deeply into the changes we can see to tress across the seasons. During the Autumn term children drew a picture of a particular tree. It was a deciduous tree which means that it looses its leaves in Autumn. There are also some trees which have leaves all year round and these are called evergreen trees. It is now Winter and we are going to look at the same tree in school. Can you look outside your window and see any trees which have lost their leaves? Do you have a deciduous tree in your garden or on your street? This can be your focused tree.

Think about the following: What do you notice about the branches? What do you notice about the trunk? Think about the structure of the tree in Winter and what does it look like? Can you write a short description about the tree underneath your drawing and send us an image of it. There is a power point attached to help you think about how deciduous trees change across the seasons.