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 Active Party GAMES: Fill your 30 minutes active time with fun games for your family or class group. You will need some loud music.


  1. Musical staues
  2. Musical bumps
  3. Musical chairs (ask adult permission before moving furniture!)


We are going to compare groups of objects. Children should now be developing their confidence in confident making and exploring numbers greater than 10, they will now compare groups of numbers. This builds on, and continues to use vocabulary of comparison such as; greater than, less than and equal to. Watch the teaching slide and complete question 1, 2 and 3 on the worksheet. Use resources to help you complete the remaining questions.



This half-term we have revisited our learning about seasonal changes but with a focus on Winter. Our focus over the year is considering how we can tell what season it is from looking at a tree? We have previously explored the changes to weather across the seasons and looked at changes to trees in particular. To recap on your learning about deciduous and evergreen trees we have uploaded a fun game for you to play to test your knowledge on this. In school we are going to go out on a scavenger hunt and look at the trees and plants in more detail. Can we identify any plants and confirm if they are deciduous or evergreen? We have attached a scavenger hunt based on twigs from trees in Winter. If you cannot print this off that is fine. Instead, when you are outside, look at the different trees, what do the twigs look like? Can we start to identify trees in Winter from the twigs? You could draw a close up picture of the twigs and compare these to other trees.