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Below there is a sound video linked to our sound today and then a spelling video. 


Have a watch and join in.

Reading- The Glassmaker's Daughter

 Here is the link for the story. Watch from 3:32-6:52


Can you find out the meaning of these words?



Can you answer these questions?


1. How did Daniela change as a result of Angelo’s gift?


2. How did the palace change as a result of Angelo’s gift?


3. Daniela’s father thought Angelo’s


On paper copy the diagrams below to help you answer the questions. 






Read this passage using lots of expression. Remember if it is in capital letters then make it stand out when you read it.


If it has ellipsis (3 dots ...) add in a pause to add effect and suspense. 


Science (lesson 3)

L.O - Can I find out how the shapes of solid objects can be changed?

Use the powerpoint to remind you of all the things you have learnt so far – name some materials, name the uses of materials and reason why they are good.


We can change the shape of a solid object: We can:

Squash, bend, twist, stretch.


Use the presentation below. 


Find some objects around your house. See what happens if you stretch them, bend them, twist them and squash them. 


Somethings may not change.


Draw a picture of the object before you try and change it. Then after you have changed it. Try and write a sentence to describe the change.


There is a format below you can print and use. If not just use paper.