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Lesson 1- P.E

Wednesday: Game Workouts - follow the instructions to complete the games, whilst having a workout. Could you design your own imaginative game like these? What would your movements be?

Snowball Battle - Winter PE Game

Can you defeat all 4 levels???

Jurassic Chase - Dinosaur PE Game

A sequel to Moon Mountain. Run and dodge to escape the dinosaurs!

Lesson 2 English
Lesson 3-Maths
Today we will be dividing by 100.

Lesson 4- Art


Can you sketch some Liverpool Buildings? You could use the Powerpoint from last week about Alfred Waterhouse's buildings or choose some of your own to sketch. If you can go out safely with your family, why not take some photos of Liverpool's famous buildings to sketch - happy drawing! 

Timelapse drawings of the 3 Graces in Liverpool

I like to experiment with different media. I take photographs, I make videos and I also like to draw. My favourite subject is buildings. For some time I've b...

Lesson 5 Music