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Lesson 1-P.E

Wednesday: Active Party GAMES: Fill your 30 minutes active time with fun games for your family or class group. You will need some loud music.


  1. Musical staues
  2. Musical bumps
  3. Musical chairs (ask adult permission before moving furniture!)


Lesson 2-English
Lesson 3-Maths
Lesson 4-Reading



Using a viewfinder.


Using one of your pictures of a New York landmark or a Liverpool landmark, use a viewfinder to draw an interesting part of your picture. Look for an area with interesting details so that it creates an interesting image.  This week you could use coloured pencil, paint or pens to bring out details like clocks, doors or bricks to interest to your drawings! Do this several times to create an image like the one in the viewfinder painting below. We hope you have fun being creative and making something completely unique. 


To make a viewfinder you will need a piece of cardboard with a rectangle or square cut into it which can then be placed onto your original drawing. Draw or paint exactly what you see inside the rectangle.