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Read, Write, Inc.


Below there is a sound video linked to our sound today and then a spelling video.


Have a watch and join in. 

Reading: Once Upon A Wild Wood.


Here is the link for the story: Watch from 6:06-8:25



Can you find out the meaning of the words?


Read the passage text below:



Can you answer these questions?


Which numbers are important in fairy tales?


What examples can you give? (Power of 3 Questions)






Read this extract. Try and use your voice to show how the prince is feeling. 


Science (lesson1)Materials


This half term we are going to be looking at 'materials'. At home on a piece of paper write down as many materials as you can think of. 


You could challenge your adult to see who can get the most. Go on a walk around your house and look at the materials and what they are used for. Maybe when you go for your daily exercise you could look at materials used. 


Science (lesson 2) Materials and their uses. 

Using the links below look at the PowerPoint to find out more about materials and their uses. 

The file also looks at materials and their names. You may see these materials around your house. 


Think of the 3 materials: wood, paper and glass.


Make a list on some paper of what you would use wood, paper and glass for. think about why you would use these materials. 


The website also allows you to look at different materials and how they are used.