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Wake up work

Flashback 4 day 3 - answer the 4 quick questions.

Today's Physical activity

Snowball Battle - Winter PE Game

Game Workouts - follow the instructions to complete the games, whilst having a workout. Could you design your own imaginative game like these? What would your movements be?

Jurassic Chase - Dinosaur PE Game


'The Ways of the wolf' reading comprehension questions.



Identifying and labelling South American countries, capital cities and flags.

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the West and Atlantic Ocean to the East, the world's 4th largest continent, South America, consists of 12 countries plus the 2 overseas territories of French Guiana and the Falkland Islands.

Using the above map, internet research and videos below can you colour, label and name these South American countries and their capital cities on the below blank South American map. If you can't print the map then don't worry as you can complete the below online map quiz after watching the videos.

Story Time