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Join Mr Elsworth and Mrs Cairns between 2:20 and 2:50 today to complete some races on Purple Mash.  To get onto it, log onto purple mash, go to games, click 2race, click 2race again and then find Mrs Cairns' room.  We will be enjoying half an hour of mathematical racing and we hope to see you there.

Wake up work

Flashback 4 day 3 - answer the 4 quick questions

Today's physical activity

Outdoor Power Walk Treasure Hunt - On your journey, can you spot: 1 sign, 2 animals/minibeasts, 3 types of flower and 4 different looking trees? Can you name the flowers or do you know what type of tree it is from looking at its shape, twigs or buds?


End Writing Point - To write a first person description of wolves in the wild.

Today's lesson - Re-reading of our example text below this time focusing on specific vocabulary meaning and features of this first person narrative text.

Reading lesson


Today we are going to be reading 'The Blackout' poem again.  We will be looking at how words used by the author make us feel.  Work through the Powerpoint below and then complete the activity.  You can either complete the activity on the Word document by inserting text boxes or on a piece of paper.


Subtract mixed numbers

Today we will be looking at subtracting mixed number fractions. Watch the video below and complete any activities or questions when it asks you to. Remember, you don't need to print the sheet out, you can write the answers onto a piece of paper. You can then take a picture of your work and submit it on class Dojo.


Starter Activity - Last lesson recap questions on South American countries. Can you answer the below questions sheet from last week's countries work?

Identifying and grouping famous South American sights into human and natural (physical) features.

The two below videos will show some of the incredible landscapes and sights that can be found in the continent of South America from wondrous man made statues and lost kingdoms to the most beautiful waterfalls and canyons. Then using the below table or a blank piece of paper can you group these South American sights into those that are natural and those that are human made.

Extension - label in which South American country these famous sights can be found.  

Famous Natural (physical) Landmarks in South America

5 Extraordinary South American Landmarks

Story Time