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Time/ subject



9.00- 9.30

Basic Skills

Purple mash

 Access purple mash’s mini mash and work through some of the weather activities, don’t forget to save your work for us to see.






 letter p  -

Watch  have a go at writing p.

use the letters you have learnt to blend using 



Bikability in school. At home you could go out for a bike ride with a grown up or you could join in with don’t worry if you did not see the correct answer just have a go and join in.

11.00 maths


Can I say which scarf is the longest and which is the shortest?

You will need 3 scarves of different lengths. You can also use real scarves of different lengths or bits of paper, wool or string.

Talk about the length of the scarfs? Which is the longest? Shortest? How can we check? Put the scarves in line and ensure they are compared with the edge of the scarf at the same starting point.

Starting point ______________



And they are straight not curved or bumpy.



Learning through play- children select an activity to do with their own toys.




1.00 Knowledge of the world

What will keep us dry?

Talk about how playing in the snow is lots of fun and what activities you might do. Talk about the need to wrap up warm but also the need to stay dry when we go out in the snow.

Explain that next time it snows their teddy, doll etc may want to go out too but we need to make him something warm and dry.  Collect materials from around the classroom/ home. This can be anything-plastic, cardboard, metal, fabric then test what happens if you put water or ice on them.

Place the material on your hand, place the water on top and ask the children will this make a good snow suit? Why/ why not? Once you have tested the materials decide if the material is good to use/ is it flexible enough to bend? Can you make a snow suit for your bear?



Learning through play- children select an activity to do with their own toys.

2.00 RE

What is a parish?

See link 1 below RE home learning page 3 bullet points 2,3 and 4.


Steps to read

Reading-Lost and Found.

Read or watch up to where the boy takes the penguin to the South Pole. How did he get there? Look at the pictures and how they represent the main point the writing is telling us.

Ask the children to blend and read the words: ran, that, but, get, big, ship, them, his, much, and, with, bad, as, sad, it,

Can you retell the story? Children can be given events to order if necessary.

1 RE: What is Parish?- Celebrations document