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Physical Activity

Joe Wicks -                  


Today we are continuing with our learning about adding by counting on within 20. You can use items from home to help your child add by counting on from a given amount. They could line up items to represent the 9 people getting onto the bus. Then 5 more got on. How many are there now? We have attached some number lines for your child to use for other questions on the worksheet. Your child could maybe draw these themselves. Remember that they have to add by jumping forward. Your child may need help with question 3 because Ron counted by adding on from 3+11=14 while Mo did 11+3=14. The total is the same. 

Add by counting on



This week we are starting our new topic about space. Over the next four weeks we will explore and  describe the movement of the Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun (our closest star) in the solar system. We will also explore the sun, moon and earth in more detail. In the lesson today, share the power point with your child using slideshow and click on the links where it will direct your child to various recordings based on travelling in space. 


Our activity today involves encouraging your child to think about what items they would take with them if they were an astronaut going to space. There is a picture of an astronaut attached or your child can write or draw the items on paper to record their choice. Enjoy your first trip to space.