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Joe Wicks: 


We are continuing with our current learning about making 10.

Add by making 10



In our lesson today we are going to explore the moon in more detail. We will think about the shape and the surface of the moon. Play the power point in slide show and click on the links when appropriate. Talk about the surface of the moon and use language such as asteroids hitting the surface of the moon to create craters.


There is a vdeo clip in the power point where your child can watch an experiment in using different sized balls to create craters on a floured surface. The experiment sheet is attached which you can use as a guide. If you have flour or the other ingredients at home, your child could carry out this out at home. Before carrying out or watching the experiment, children could make their own predications about which balls they think will make the biggest crater. They can also draw the craters created by the different balls.